Core Values

» Integrity
» Innovation/Originality
» Customer-centric
» Sincerity& honesty
» Involvement
» Work-force camaraderie


Etal concepts Limited strategy is entering into a mutually beneficial long term robust relationship with our Customers and Partners and continuously re-elevate our process of service delivery in order to provide cutting edge and best solutions at value adding costs.


Our team let no obstacle interfere with fulfillment of their responsibilities. Customers and those we relate with can count on us. Our business exceeds real or perceived needs or expectations of our Customers. Our collaborative and other strategies will deliver, earn Customers’ trust and make them fulfilled.


We understand and satisfy our Customers’ needs and provide responsive and responsible high standards value adding service and strive for continual improvement of our QMS and processes.


In our organization, our operations are carried out in accordance with established quality management principles and systems. We have confidence that services rendered are not only achieved but will satisfy Customers expectations. We have a service quality plan that stands the test of time.


Our services are delivered in strict compliance with industry, Health, Safety, Environment (H.S.E) guidelines and regulations. We deliver services in line with our HSE rules, which protect our workers, equipment and our esteemed customers. We take every measure to provide protective personal equipment for our workers and carry out necessary tests in accordance with the regulatory and industry standards.